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Our emotions and stresses affect our health. Flower Essences balance the negative aspects of our emotions so that we can function and flourish physically and spiritually. Flowers have been used since ancient times to heal our bodies by balancing our emotions. In the 20th century, a doctor brought Flower Essences to our attention. Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician, was very successful in making people well with traditional allopathic medicines. His frustration lay in his inability to KEEP people well. He came to realize that “negative” emotional states were the cause of continuing physical illness. He left his medical practice in London and moved to the English countryside to develop a new and simple form of healing that everyone could use. From 1928-36 he developed the Bach Flower Remedies (also called Flower Essences). He created a way to replicate the dew on the flowers to meld the flower’s energetic emotional vibration into water. People then take this essence of the flower to balance negative emotional states.

It is easy to understand that Flower Essences are energetic therapies. How do you feel when you see a field of beautiful flowers? How do you feel when you receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Flowers accompany all of us in our lives, especially in our major life transitions such as; weddings, funerals, births, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, illness and healing. Flowers express the emotions that we cannot find words for. The vibrational force in Flower Essences lifts your emotions, your spirit. When a person takes the correct Flower Essence for his unbalanced/negative emotion, the person’s vibration will be lifted so that the body is enlivened and able to heal itself.
Flower Essences are a safe, gentle and noninvasive form of healing therapy. They can be used alone or in conjunction with any type of holistic or allopathic treatment.

They can be taken orally or topically. Like any kind of therapy, they must be used in a regular, consistent manner to be fully effective.

Today there are hundreds of Flower Essence makers all over the world making Flower Essences from their own regional flowers. These Essence makers collect their own case histories and do their own clinical trials to document the effects of the individual Flower Essences.

Please note that Flower Essences are NOT a substitute for traditional allopathic medicine. If you have a serious health concern, please see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Heather in Water

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